What is the difference between Psychotherapy, Counseling, and Life Coaching?
Psychotherapy and counseling are regulated practices in the State of California and involve treating problems and concerns with psychological interventions. A psychologist or counselor will ask questions to learn your personal history and the timeline of your problem or concern. In other words, a psychotherapist or counselor is very concerned with the why and how your problem or concern developed. Once this is established, he or she will then create a treatment plan based on research-supported psychological interventions aimed at improving your quality of life through the resolution of past issues and their lingering effects.

People generally see a life coach for advice and guidance that may or may not be based on psychological concepts and theories. A life coach assumes that you are well-adjusted and wanting to approach your problems and concerns with definitive action and solutions. Unlike psychotherapists or counselors, life coaches are not concerned about why or how a problem or concern developed and are only interested in solving the problem or concern with you immediately with practical advice. In recent years, life coaching has become popularized through various reality TV shows and talk shows.