LGBT Counseling

by San Diego Psychologist Stephen Brewer, PsyD


Dr. Brewer is a San Diego Psychologist and nationally syndicated columnist who is affirming and supportive of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) individuals and same-sex couples.

Coming Out

Discovering your sexual orientation or gender identity can be a confusing or terrifying experience. Some people find that they experience significant social anxiety, depression, or even suicidal thoughts. You are not alone! A therapist or counselor can help guide you safely through your coming out process and be an encouraging voice in your life.

Stress in our Political Climate

The current uncertainty with regard to equality in California and the ongoing negative and sometimes violent attention directed toward LGB individuals can lead to what psychologists now recognize as a unique type of stress – chronic minority stress. The idea of minority stress comes from the idea that it's just plain hard being LGB-identified in a heterocentric culture. Because many LGB people are reminded often about how different they are from heterosexual expectations, an individual can become particularly vulnerable to the effects of stress – especially if the individual is forced to discover his or her identity alone or if a couple’s marriage is threatened with annulment by a constitutional amendment. People who experience this particular type of stress face many of the same symptoms that victims of hate crimes experience including:

  1. inability to sleep

  2. irritability and anger

  3. mild paranoia

  4. feeling emotionally distant from others

  5. inability to experience positive feelings

  6. depression

  7. nightmares

  8. lack of appetite

If this sounds like something you’ve experienced recently, or if people around you have commented that you seem stressed, please give Dr. Brewer a call to see if he can help. (619) 377-3120.

LGBT Asylum

Dr. Brewer is available for LGBT Asylum cases and can provide expert witness testimony and psychological evaluations.

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